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Message  karottetrekker le Sam 7 Nov - 6:00

Hello everyone,

I'm karottetrekker from Antwerpen (Anvers). Even though I support the eUNL union; I'd like to give some hints about how to improve your party (seeing you want to have Flanders included).

First: MIB is a great acronym for Mouvement pour l'independance belge, in Dutch that would be more like Belgische onafhankelijkheidsbeweging (BOB).

Second: speaking about language, if you really want to attract Flemish people it shouldn't harm including a Dutch-speaking section and allow a Dutch language packet to be used. Language might be a tiny problem, as not a too few Flemings are able to at least passively read French (even though the fluent speakers, though not rare, are a minority of course). Sadly, Dutch is not compulsory in Wallonia, so only those Walloons (I think it's about 48%) who have chosen to follow Dutch can passively read it at least (and some even speak it as well). Brusselers have compulsory Dutch at school, so they can figure out Dutch if they paid attention at school.
Why is language a problem? Simple, many Dutch people cannot even read a word in French; it would be a great advantage for a Belgian Independence Movement to offer more freedom in language as a privilege you don't have in almost entirely anglicized eUNL. English can still be a neutral language if needed, but you could allow every language everywhere. ^^ The biggest problems are as I mentioned before, francophones have more problems reading Dutch mainly because of politics and prejudice (many people still believe francophones are disadvantaged at learning languages; Flemings do at least) AND for this moment most supporters of this party are still francophone. These problems would probably end up in English being used as a 'neutral language' which practically makes Belgium a mini eUNL or French being used exclusively which makes it some Wallobrux eBelgium. I know a forum (a forum about linguistics though) where you can use French, Spanish, English, German and you get answered in any language, so it's possible.

Third: If you want translation in Dutch for titles. You can ask me, no problem.

Fourth: a good relationship with the Dutch needs to be a high priority, heck, even Dutch members should be welcomed (in case there aren't Dutch members already). The worst publicity you can make about Belgium is bashing Dutch (or bashing French for that matter).


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